Get behind the stick in an Aviat Aircraft and you’ll experience the difference. When you own an Aviat Aircraft, you’ll notice the superior quality and the pride of craftsmanship that is built into every part of the plane. And you’ll feel it every time you take to the air.

Aviat Husky A-1C

The rugged, reliable Husky A-1C-180 was designed for people who’d rather fly a real airplane.

Pitts S2C

Everything looks different from inside a Pitts Special. Own an aircraft that will make you smile every time you get behind the stick.

Aviat Aircraft Eagle

The Aviat Aircraft Eagle home built kit sets a standard by which others are measured.

AOPA has partnered with Aviat Aircraft, to help make aircraft ownership more affordable through the development of the Reimagined Aircraft that can be co-owned and operated for around $65 an hour, including fuel. More »

The MT Reversible Prop will offer significant improvements in floatplane water handling. The MT will allow a floatplane to dock and maneuver in all conditions without having to risk shutting down the engine and coasting to the dock or landing area. The reverse also allow the pilot to maneuver and turn around where a normal forward only prop will not. If a MT reverse floatplane pilot finds himself in a risky taxi situation, he can actually back out and make another attempt where a normal plane would be totally committed.
Stuart Horn, President, Aviat Aircraft, Click to View on YouTube

Quality Handcraftmanship – Made in Wyoming, USA

Each piece of metal and plastic, every rivet, every bolt, every nut and screw is formed, shaped, assembled and inspected by a dedicated crew of skilled individuals who strive for excellence in all they do. Every person at Aviat Aircraft posses a passion for perfection and a tenacity for teamwork that results in the world’s finest aircraft. MORE »

One flight and you’ll be hooked.

You can’t beat the Husky, Pitts or Eagle in capability, performance, reliability, ease of handling, speed or all out unadulterated fun.

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