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Forward.Vision’s EVS-100 is available as optional equipment on new Huskys or as a retrofit item for existing Huskys, making them the first manufacturer to offer the system. The EVS-100 (Enhanced Vision System) responds to long-wave infrared, providing pilots with a highly effective, low-cost, non-cryogenically cooled night vision system. Until now, the only EVS systems offered by aircraft manufacturers have been much-higher-priced systems in business aircraft like the Gulfstream line.

The EVS-100 has the capability of extending forward vision at least eight times what the naked eye can see in snow storms, fog, haze, smoke or total darkness. This has a significant bearing on a pilot’s ability to negotiate a survivable landing during an engine-out at night or in dense haze. It will reveal people or animals on a runway at night when normal vision would not see what is actually there.

Aviat Aircraft was attracted to the Forward.Vision technology because of what it will do for situational awareness and how it will enhance safety,” said Stu Horn, President of Aviat Aircraft. “This is clearly the most significant advancement in technology since the introduction of GPS or EFIS.

Undoubtedly, government agencies, like border patrol, search and rescue operations and wildfire management will realize a lot of practical applications. But GA pilots are also going to be grateful for this kind of eye-in-the-sky technology whenever they get into MVFR or worse conditions.”

The Forward.Vision system includes an infrared sensor that functions like a video camera. Weighing 1.2 pounds, the sensor is mounted on top of the aircraft. The display for this system may be mounted in various locations in the cockpit, providing a 40-degree wide image of what is in front of the aircraft.

The “camera” is a hermetically sealed package that has been put through a dry nitrogen purge to prevent moisture and dust from entering the sensors. Integral window heaters prevent ice buildup and a sun sensor protects the unit if the aircraft is pointed toward the sun. The system is set up to run independently, minimizing impact on pilot workload. Co-developed with technology partner Max-Viz, the product life has been tested to — and is projected to be — greater than 9,000 hours. It has been designed to run maintenance-free during its operating life.

Aviat Aircraft will offer installed Forward.Vision systems in new Husky aircraft, and will retrofit the units in earlier models of the Husky.

For more information on the EVS-100 systems call Aviat Aircraft 307 885-3151.


Aviat Husky A-1C:
A venerable bush plane turns visionary

By James Wynbrandt, Photos By James Lawrence

The lights of Lakeland, Fla., sparkle a thousand feet below, a pointillist painting on a black canvas. Yet despite the darkness, I can clearly distinguish open fields, forested tracts, clumps of trees, a couple of large ungulates—either horses or cows—even a narrow, sandy beach on a lake that should be invisible. All I have to do is glance at the small monitor sitting on the glare shield of the Aviat Husky A-IC. more »


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