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Husky Gets Hartzell Trailblazer

Husky Dawn Patrol, Aviat's new Husky and the Northern Idaho backcountry make a perfect pair

Aviat resumes Pitts Special S-1S production

Aviat Husky Fitted with Shock-Absorbing Grear

A Husky Appetite for the Great Outdoors

A group of Husky Aircraft takes on the rugged Teton Mountains

MT Composite Three Blade Propeller STC for the Husky

Aviat Husky Now Available with Cargo Pod

Aviat Aircraft First to Adopt Aero LEDs

Aviat Husky adds Power Flow Exhaust to Type Certificate

Nassau Flyers pen Dealer Agreement with Aviat Aircraft

Husky with a Touch of Glass

Husky Donated to Kenya Wildlife Service

Buying New Now, General Aviation's Stimulus Package

Rocky Mountain High: The Aviat Husky

EAA Sweepstakes Husky Unveiled

Aviat Aircraft Introduces New Carb Heat Box For Husky

FAA Approves New Lighter Tailwheel For Aviat Husky

15 Hours, 3.156 gph in a Husky

Aviat Husky Fitted with P.K. Amphibious Floats

Aviat first to offer Garmin G600

Husky Gets Hartzell Trailblazer
By Pia Bergqvist / Published: Aug 26, 2014

Hartzell announced it has achieved supplemental type certificate approval for a propeller called the Trailblazer for the tailwheel-equipped backcountry Husky, produced by Aviat Aircraft in Afton, Wyoming. The composite swept-tip Trailblazer prop was introduced earlier this year and is available in two- and three-blade versions.

The Husky uses the two-blade, 80-inch version of the Trailblazer to replace the 76-inch aluminum propeller that comes standard with the Husky.

Testing has shown the Trailblazer improves the Husky's climb performance by more than 10 percent and reduces the takeoff distance at max gross weight by 12 percent compared with the Hartzell aluminum propeller that comes standard with the airplane.

The two-blade Trailblazer is available in 76-, 80- and 82-inch diameters and is compatible with most Lycoming 360 and 390 series of engines without restrictions, Hartzell said. The three-blade version, which is designed for engines that produce more horsepower, comes in 80-, 82- and 85 inch diameters.

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Husky Dawn Patrol
Aviat's new Husky and the Northern Idaho backcountry make a perfect pair
By Marc C. Lee, Photos By Jessica Ambats

The early morning sunlight glinting off the crystal waters of Lake Pend Oreille (roughly pronounced "pond-o-ray") and reflecting back off our Husky's bright-yellow wing is too much for even my military-spec sunglasses to handle. The sky up here in Sandpoint, Idaho, is like a magnifying glass, and the sun is diffused by nothing but unpolluted air. It beams into my eyes like a laser. The vast shag carpet of tall pines below casts long shadows against the lake, and with nothing but unbroken forest around, the thought occurs to me that I have nowhere to go in an emergency. But then I remember the smiling dog painted on my tail and realize I'm in a Husky— the Willys Jeep of the backcountry. more »
Aviat Resumes Pitts Special S-1S Production
By Dave Hirschman

Aviat Aircraft is putting the legendary Pitts Special S-1S back into production—at least for a limited time—with the first new deliveries scheduled for early 2013.


"We're going to test the waters and see what demand is like," said Bill Finagin, a veteran Pitts pilot and dealer based in Annapolis, Maryland. "We're going to offer five new airplanes at $138,000 each and the price goes up to $158,000 after that."

The iconic, single-seat biplanes were built both as Experimental kits and FAA-certified models in the 1970s, and factory production stopped in the late 1970s. The new airplanes will have fuel-injected, 180-horsepower, Lycoming IO-360 engines and fixed-pitch props.

Aviat Aircraft of Afton, Wyoming, recovers and virtually remanufactures existing Pitts biplanes, and it currently builds two-seat S-2C models on demand. But the vast majority of its production is geared toward its popular Husky line of backcountry aircraft. This will be the first time in decades the company has made entirely new single-seat S-1Ss.

Finagin announced the new production on an aerobatic e-mail list on Monday, and reaction was split between those who doubt the new airplanes will sell given the current glut of existing aerobatic airplanes on the used market, and those who cheer their return.

"The craftsmanship that goes into these airplanes is superb," Finagin said. "Most pilots today have never seen a brand new Pitts S-1S. When they do, they'll recognize what a historic opportunity this is."

Aviat Husky Fitted With Shock-Absorbing Gear
Aviat Aircraft has received FAA approval for a new, shock-absorbing landing gear for their popular A-1C Husky. The gear will be standard equipment on all three versions of the Husky: those equipped with the 160, 180 and 200 hp engines. The 180 and 200 hp models have also been granted a 50-pound gross weight increase. The new landing gear virtually eliminates landing bounce causing beginning pilots look like advanced pilots.
Dampeners inside the fuselage, attached to a reconfigured truss, prevent the bungee cords that are attached to the gear from snapping back after hard landings. The positive effects are experienced in three-point and wheel landings. Since the entire mechanism is inside the fuselage, there is no drag penalty.

Where a hard landing in the past used to result in up to 4 bounces on a paved runway or off-airport landing, today the aircraft will touch down and stay on the landing surface. The effects of ruts or bumps in unimproved runways will be significantly diminished or eliminated entirely. The factory has likened the effect to trying to dribble with a deflated basketball. It just hits the ground and stays there.

This means Husky landings will be shorter and ground handling will be easier. The 50-pound weight increase for the 180 and 200 hp Huskys gives the aircraft a 900-pound useful load factor.

Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special and complete kits for the Eagle biplane. The Husky A-1C has become the most versatile taildragger in its class. It is designed for off-airport landings, for recreational flying as well as observation and cargo hauling operations. It can be flown at any time of the year and needs little more than a clearing to be able to land.
A Husky Appetite for the Great Outdoors: Aviat Pushes the Bush Plane Boundary, by James Wynbrandt Pilot Mag, July/August 2010

Husky A-1C It's been 15 years since Stu Horn – then a successful real estate developer from New York with no experience in aviation – bought Aviat Aircraft in Afton, Wyoming, manufacturer of the Aviat Husky.
Backcountry Odyssey
A group of Husky Aircraft takes on the rugged Teton Mountains
Story And Photos By Marc C. Lee

We're threading our way through the majestic Teton Pass—a flight of four Aviat Husky aircraft and a pristine, Yakovlev Yak-52. The afternoon air is producing thermals that knock us about the 8,000-foot mountains in this corner of the Teton Range, on the border of Wyoming and Idaho. The sharp peaks of the 13,000-foot Grand Tetons are farther away, but look so close I can almost touch them, and a thump of turbulent air jolts me out of my stupor. more »
MT Composite Three Blade Propeller STC for the Husky
MT Propellers 
Bloomer, Wisc. (August 18, 2010) Flight Resource, LLC©; the world’s largest distributor of MT Propellers, announced today that the STC has been approved to install the 3-blade MT composite propellers to the Aviat Husky. This upgrade provides 17 pounds of weight savings, turbine like smoothness, reduced noise (inside and out), and improvements in climb and cruise performance. 
Flight-Resource Founding Partner and Technical Specialist, Larry Schlasinger, stated, “I am very pleased to make this announcement. As a Husky owner and seaplane pilot myself, I am always looking for ways to get the most performance out of my planes. This upgrade hit all marks and it looks good on this airplane”. 
The technologically advanced MT composite propeller is a lightweight alternative to conventional forged aluminum props. The high-thrust scimitar blades incorporate a stainless steel leading edge on high-thrust, precision CNC milled blades with no life limits. This STC eliminates the restricted RPM range limitations of metal props.
Flight Resource, LLC© is the world’s largest distributor of the German engineered composite MT-Propeller and holder of several MT Propeller upgrade STC’s. Installation kits for literally hundreds of makes and models of singles, twins and turbine powered aircraft are supported from the Cessna 170 up to the Jetstream 32. For more information about Flight-Resources and current list of model STCs, please visit 
MT Propellers are designed and built in Straubing Germany. Started in 1981 by Gerd Muehlbauer, MT has produced nearly 40,000 blades for thousands of applications. They are standard equipment on several new models and are preferred in the unlimited air racing and aerobatic communities. Service is provided by over 30 MT certified prop shops around the country. For more information about MT-Propellers please see 
Aviat Husky Now Available with Cargo Pod
Aviat Aircraft has begun offering Husky owners a new option that significantly enhances the utility of the aircraft: a new Airglas Cargo Pod. The fiberglass pod, which measures 70” long, 24” wide and is 13” deep, weighs only 25 pounds and can carry 170 pounds with no loss of airspeed.

The pod is STC’d to retrofit all models of the Husky. Initial installation could take up to two hours; thereafter it can be installed or removed in about 10 minutes. Equipped with a side and back door, the pod will transport skis, camping equipment, fish, or components for oil rigs or just about anything that will fit through the doors. The Husky is has a gross weight rating of 2200 pounds but rarely flies at full gross. With the cargo pod, the mission profiles for the Husky are dramatically increased. The pod, designed and developed by Airglas of Alaska, will fit a Husky with wheels, skis or floats.

The cost of the pod is $3,500 and the Aviat factory is now taking orders. It is available in white or white prime for spraying with your aircraft color. Custom color gel coat is available for an additional charge. For further information call 1.307.885.3151. Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special and complete kits for the Eagle biplane. Photos »
Aviat Aircraft First to Adopt Aero LEDs
Aviat Aircraft became the first aircraft manufacturer to switch to using long life AeroLEDs landing and taxi lights 18 months ago. As a follow-up, they have just announced their intentions to change from conventional lights to the new all-LED lights for Nav, Position and Strobe lights on the wing tips and rudders of Huskys. “AeroLEDs has completed FAA TSO testing requirements and we have added their products to our Type Certificate,” said Aviat President Stu Horn. “This means that each new Husky will have aircraft lighting that should outlast the aircraft. We certainly won’t see a Husky with over 50,000 hours in my lifetime and that is the life expectancy of LEDs.”

Aviat Aircraft has led the industry in introducing a wide range of new products over the years. “Innovation is a key to moving forward,” said Horn. “The lighting products we’ll make standard on the Husky are so vastly superior to the items they’re replacing that there’s no contest in our thinking. I expect every aircraft manufacturer will eventually follow suit when they become aware of the benefits of LEDs.”

Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special and complete kits for the Eagle biplane. To learn more about the aircraft call 1.307.885.3151 and to learn more about new LED technology for GA aircraft, visit Photos »
Aviat Husky adds Power Flow Exhaust to Type Certificate
Responding to the performance enhancements confirmed by flight tests, Aviat Aircraft has begun producing 180 hp Huskys with the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System as optional equipment. The announcement was made by Aviat President Stu Horn, who said: “The benefits to Husky owners are undeniable: lower fuel burn, improved rate of climb, shorter take-off roll, and improved cabin heat. When we saw the numbers, we realized that our customers would appreciate the improved performance.” Aviat introduced the new product at EAA’s AirVenture 2010.

The product has been tested extensively by Power Flow. With a tuned exhaust system in place the Husky gains 5 mph in cruise or saves 1.2 gph of fuel at the old cruise settings. Rate of climb from 1000’-4000’ increases 5.6%; from 4000’-9000’ it goes up 7.8% and from 9000’-11500’ it accelerates to 13.4%. Service ceiling for the Husky increases by at least 2,000’ and the cabin heat is significantly increased. The tuned exhaust utilizes the full rated horsepower of the Lycoming engine which also contributes to a shorter takeoff roll.

Aviat expects to add the tuned exhaust systems to the 200 hp and 160 hp models as soon as they are available. The new system for the 180 hp model is also available at Aviat as a retrofit to existing Huskys. Contact the factory for an appointment.

Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special and complete kits for the Eagle biplane. For more information call 1.307.885.3151. To learn more about Tuned Exhaust Systems, visit Photos »
Nassau Flyers pen Dealer Agreement with Aviat Aircraft
Farmingdale, NY – Nassau Flyers, which has seen rapid growth in the past year following a change in ownership, has become the newest dealer for Aviat Aircraft. Don Scoca, President of Nassau Flyers has already taken delivery of three Huskys and expects to begin selling and servicing Aviat’s Pitts Special as well.

“We are looking forward to moving quite a few Huskys through here,” said Scoca. “We also plan to provide taildragger training and endorsements. Someday, we may even offer aerobatic training in the Pitts.” Scoca’s organization has seen tremendous growth in flight training operations since last August and now caters to 200 students, many of whom are in a professional pilot training program. Nassau Flying offers all ratings up to ATP.

The company sells fractional ownerships along with used singles and twin engine aircraft. The Husky and Pitts are their first foray into selling new aircraft. “We believe that the incredibly versatile Husky is an ideal aircraft for this part of the world, where we have access to a lot of lakes and back country strips,” said Scoca.

In addition to flight training and aircraft sales, Nassau Flying has an active maintenance facility. For more information visit or call 631.454.0626.
A Husky with a Touch of Glass, Checking out the Garmin G500
January, 2010 EAA Sport Aviation | Max Trescott

The bright yellow airplane caught my eye as I walked onto the ramp to fly with a student. I kept glancing in it's direction. I don't know if it was love at first sight, but something about it tapped into my psyche.

A month later, relaxing at the beach, I put it all together. The beautiful yellow Husky reminded me of the Piper Cubs my grandfather, Elmer Gallimore, flew, yet when I peeked inside, ithad a modern Garmin G500 glass cockpit like th Avidyne, G1000, and Perspective-equipped aircraft in which I teach. It blended my aviation past and present. Click here to read the rest of the story. »

Watch the EAA Sweepstakes Husky Video »
Husky donated to Kenya Wildlife Service
Nov 17, 2009 01:45 pm | Posted by Janice Wood| © GAN, 2009

At the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Aviation Summit earlier this month, the Lindbergh Foundation revealed its efforts to facilitate the donation of a new 180-hp A1C Husky to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).
Click here to read the rest of the story. »
Buying New, Now
General Aviation's Stimulus Package

By Thomas A. Horne, AOPA Pilot Magazine

How bonus depreciation and increased expensing limits can make good business sense.
These stressed economic times make it easy for many of us to quash ideas of buying an airplane. But if you can justify business use of a general aviation airplane, there are tax incentives that can change your way of thinking. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009—more commonly known as simply the “Stimulus Package”—owners who use their aircraft in business can use a bonus depreciation provision to offset taxable income. Click here to read the whole story. »

Aircraft Tax Depreciation Calculator from Advocate Consulting. Click to view »
Rocky Mountain High: The Aviat Husky
With a new Garmin G600 panel, Aviat re-creates the Husky backcountry classic with modern comforts and capabilities
By Marc C. Lee, Photos By Jessica Ambats, Plane & Pilot Magazine

4:19 a.m. That’s what the clock read as I stared at it for the fifth time in an hour. I was trying to sleep and it just wasn’t working. The hours dragged by in my tiny motel room in Afton, Wyo., across the two-lane highway from the Aviat factory where they build Pitts and Husky aircraft. Outside my window, I saw little snowflakes floating off the roof every now and then, dislodged by early risers running to their freezing cars to get the engines warmed up. The rest of the country was well into the lush unfolding of spring, but Afton hadn’t received the memo yet and was still clenched in the fists of a relentless winter. Through gauze-thin curtains, I could see the brilliantly clear Wyoming night. Click here to read the whole story. »
A Brand New Aviat Husky Could Be Yours!

It’s on! The 2010 EAA ‘Share the Spirit Sweepstakes’ website is now live, and with it, your chance to fly away in the grand prize - a brand new, fully equipped Aviat Husky A-1C.

To top things off (including the 50-gallon fuel tank, over and over again!), the grand prize comes with a full year’s worth of fuel credit from Chevron plus 50,000 points in Chevron’s FlyBuys rewards program. Equipped with a Garmin G500 and GNS 430 panel-mount avionics suite and a set of Wipaire C2200 hydraulic wheel skis, the Grand Prize Husky will take you places you’ve never been!

Other top sweepstakes prizes include a Honda Big Red MUV (multipurpose utility vehicle); a REMOS Pilot Center Sport Pilot Training Certificate; a Hamilton Men’s Khaki Aviation X-Wind watch, Canon EOS 50D camera kit with lens; and a Bose Wave Music System.

By entering you’ll help ensure aviation’s future and preserve its past - all proceeds support EAA’s historic and youth education endeavors. So enter today at, and be on the lookout for entry coupons in several upcoming issues of Sport Aviation beginning with the November 2009 issue. Other issues that will include sweepstakes coupons in 2010 will be January, March, and May.

Watch the Video »
Aviat Aircraft Introduces New Carb Heat Box For Husky

Aviat Aircraft has redesigned the carburetor heat box for the Husky, attaching a more robust lever arm that hosts a new swivel pivot to which the actuator wire is attached. The dampener is now attached to the new box via bushings which reduce friction and enhance service life.

The bottom of the carb heat box is covered with a wire mesh screen which prevents debris from entering the induction system.

All models of the Husky can be retrofitted with the new carburetor heat box which is now standard equipment on new copies of the popular Husky A-1C. Available now: Carb Heat Box Kit is $716.40, call 307 885-3151 for more information. Photos »
FAA Approves New Lighter Tailwheel for
the Aviat Husky

Alaska Bushwheel has just completed the FAA’s approval process for utilizing a new tailwheel assembly on Aviat Aircraft’s Husky A-1C. The new tailwheel features a three leaf steel tail spring that weighs 2.5 pounds less than the old five leaf model and is approved for the Husky’s 2200 pound gross weight.

The configuration of the new leaf spring rotates the geometry of the tailwheel housing assembly, causing the wheel fork to posture in a more vertical format. That in turn, enhances ground control with less control input required.

The new Alaska Bushwheel tailwheel leaf spring is now standard equipment on the Husky A-1C and can be retrofitted to older Husky models. Available now: $175, for more information call 307 885-3151, click here for more Photos »
15 Hours, 3.156 gph in a Husky
EAA News

May 19, 2009 — Indiana pilot Kris Maynard, EAA 751966, who last year established the world’s first official aviation fuel efficiency record in his factory-standard Aviat Husky A-1A, had another remarkably fuel-frugal flight in that airplane last week. On May 12, Maynard flew the Husky for 15 hours, 3 minutes and 20 seconds straight on a single tank of fuel, covering a circuit of more than 1,200 statute miles.

The airplane is equipped with a 52-gallon fuel tank powered by a Lycoming O-360 engine and a 76-inch Hartzell propeller. Fuel consumption was 3.156 gallons per hour (90 minutes of fuel remained upon landing), which calculated to 25.26 miles per gallon – exceeding the 23.4 mpg achieved in the record flight. His average ground speed was 68 kts, compared to a normal flight using 7.5 gph cruising at 105 kts.

“Most folks would not want to sit for 15 hours in an airplane,” Maynard said. “But during my test flights for last year’s record performance, I came to believe that the aircraft just might be capable of a 15-hour flight. I thought that such a capability would be rare among today’s general aviation - especially factory-built - aircraft, so I decided to pursue the goal.”

Maynard took off from Indianapolis Metropolitan (UMP) at 4 a.m. on May 12, and proceeded to Dayton, Ohio; Toledo; Coldwater, Michigan; South Bend, Indiana; Danville, Illinois; then back to Indy. He repeated that route, and added what he called “random offshoots to overfly points of interest because, one can become seriously bored in that amount of time.” He flew at altitudes below 7,000 feet, and logged critical engine parameters every 30 minutes, which helped keep him focused on continuing the flight.

Even though not a world record, Maynard remarked, “Near as I can tell, no one has ever done this in a Husky. web »
Aviat Husky Fitted With P.K. Amphibious Floats

P.K. Floats has completed the certification process for a new amphibious float design that can be used on all Husky 180 and 200 hp aircraft. The aluminum floats, reportedly the lightest in their class in the float industry, weigh 409 pounds, but only add 295 pounds after the landing gear is removed. The PK2250A floats do not require a ventral fin, saving owners $3,600 and re-installation every season.

P.K. Floats has also completed flight testing and applied for a gross weight increase that will boost the Husky from its current 2,200 pounds to 2,400 pounds. Huskys already have the highest gross weight in their class. At full gross, the Husky lifts off the water in seven seconds.

The new floats feature rear hydroboosters and forward chine hydroboosters that promote stability and quicker liftoff. The float’s wheels have a newly designed double puck breaking system to improve stopping power and breaking distance on runways. Each float has a 50-pound storage compartment with flush hatches that have a neoprene seal to eliminate leakage. Water rudders are made of composite materials and all fittings are of stainless steel. The hydraulic pump for the floats is located in the floats, removing it from the typical installation in the aft section of the aircraft eliminating weight and complexity to the system.

The Husky remains an unbeatable aircraft for its landing configurations. It can be fitted with straight or amphibious floats, skis and tires ranging from the standard 600 X 6 up to tundra tires with a 31” diameter. This allows the Husky, with its STOL performance, to take off and land on wet or frozen lakes, rivers and ponds, glaciers, open fields with 10” logs or rocks, dirt roads, aircraft carriers and pickup trucks.
As the ice disappears from lakes and ponds this spring in the northern latitudes, the time is right for floatplane flying. Given its unbeatable gross weight and maneuverability, the Husky A-1C is ideal for splash and go’s, skinny dipping and the ultimate form of fly fishing.

Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special aerobatic biplane, and kits for the aerobatic Eagle. For more information visit Click here for Photos »
Aviat first to offer Garmin G600
By Dave Hirschman

Although Garmin’s G600 glass instrument panel was designed as a retrofit, at least one aircraft manufacturer plans to put them in new airplanes.

Aviat Aircraft will offer G600s as an option on new Husky A1-Cs beginning in the 2009 model year—the first aircraft maker to do so.

“We think the G600 is going to be a very popular option,” said Aviat CEO Stu Horn.

A glass-panel bush plane may seem like a contradiction in terms, but most of the planes going out the door of Aviat’s factory in Afton, Wyo., have IFR cockpits.

Aviat hasn’t set a price for glass-panel Huskies. But the two-screen G600 will retail for just under $30,000. When installed as a retrofit, Garmin estimates it will take more than 70 shop hours to install. The installation process should be significantly less, however, when done on a factory assembly line.

The G600 is a stripped-down version of Garmin’s high-end G1000 fully integrated cockpit and uses many of the same components. Garmin expects to receive FAA certification for its G600, and permission to install them in about 800 kinds of aircraft, this summer.


I am writing this letter to recognize Mr. Adam's exemplary service during the recent competition I was participating in at Casa Grande, Arizona. Mr. Adams conducted a complete check of my aircraft: Pitts S2-C, SN: 6032. He fixed the lower fuel tank neck and brought it up to the original specs.

Before the third flight of my sequence, during a normal pre-flight, I found out that one of my prop accumulator bolts was sheared off at the head. Mr. Adams was quick to come from his volunteering position at the judge's line and to see if we can solve the problem.

Mr. Adams' level of concern and his willingness to help is simply more than an employee doing his job. What prompts me writing this letter is Mr. Adam's positive attitude and his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. He is more than an asset to Aviat Aircraft.

I know that if Mr. Adams was not there during this competition, I would have been faced with dealing with other technicians that are not familiar with the Pitts aircraft. I would have had to leave my airplane in Casa Grande and come and pick it up at some other time.

Aviat Aircraft is the only company that is sending representatives to these competitions. It not only adds to the safety of our sport but it let us know that the factory is there and it cares about its product Thank you Danny for your help, support, and expertise.

Tony H. Moradian


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