Mission Accomplished! Carol and I made it back to Indiana today after going to Jackson Hole, Alpine, Mineral Canyon backcountry strip, thru Monument Valley and then eastbound to Indiana. The Husky performed flawlessly. Thanks for the wonderful stay in Afton at Aviat and the accommodations. I used your training well for the landing at the bottom of this canyon, you would be proud. Thanks again for the new ride, Todd & Carol.


Harrison Ford, Steven R. Koontz, Alan Jackson and Stephen A. Busch of Anheuser-Busch fame are other Husky pilots of note.

Experiencing the Fun of Flying
I have been flying general aviation aircraft for more than 40 years. I suppose it goes without saying that I got started because I loved aviation. But I also saw the practical uses of GA for transportation. more »

Fire Horse
by Paul Richardson
Did you ever hear about the horses that were used to pull fire engines in the 19th and early 20th centuries? The horses were big, strong, and fast. They had to be to pull the fire engine with a tank full of water and a boiler to make pressure to push the water out of the hoses. more »

Dawgs in Utah

by George Mandes
Charlie and I came up from Arizona to Moab this morning to enjoy some winter flying in the desert sunshine of the Canyonlands area. more »

My 13-hour Husky Flight
by Kris Maynard
A fellow took a 13-hour non-stop flight in a stock-fuel-tank Husky: this is his report. more »

Great Husky Flying Day
by George Mandes
The weather was incredible in Homer today -- clear skies and very light wind. I spent two hours playing "follow the leader" chasing Charlie around in a Husky on wheels. more »

New Wing Husky
by Mark Ingram
I flew a new-wing (2005) for the first time yesterday, and even with those amphibious floats with their landing gear hanging down, I was most impressed by the roll rate and light control inputs to achieve it. Congratulations on some fine product upgrade engineering!

The First AOSS Flight
by George Mandes

Charlie and I both flew the Husky for the first time with the AOSS (Burl's gear) installed. Unfortunately the air wasn't good enough to allow for slowest possible approach speeds, but we did each make about a half dozen landings. Charlie was braver than me, as she intentionally dropped several landings in from a height that would guarantee a good bounce even with Bushwheels and SGS, and the AOSS Husky basically just squatted. Obviously we need to do a lot more testing.

Mr. Will Morey's Take New Delivery of Pitts S-2C at Sun 'n Fun


New Husky Is A Shining Example...
by Craig D. Roberts
I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy my new airplane N112HY. She is a wonderful 200hp A1-B a 2006 model. The quality of manufacturing as well as the fit and finish is superb. Please tell the crew she is a shining example of what is happening in Afton. more »

No way, José.

Through the rear side window of the hard-banked Aviat Husky, I’m staring goggle-eyed down at a gnat-sized strip of straw and dirt far below. I wonder aloud over the comm: Am I looking at the wrong area? Nope, says pilot Tom Bryant.

That smear of dirt, that yardstick-length hackout of sod on the steep side of a hill, yes, that same strip with the pronounced dogleg to the right, partway up its 1,300-foot length, is indeed our landing destination.

An ominous feeling of doom drops into my stomach like a cannonball. That this disaster-in-waiting landing zone is tucked into a bend of the turbulent Snake River only adds a comic afterthought: Hell, if we blow the landing, we can always crash and drown, and then get run over by one of the superfast jet boats we just saw upriver. I mean, if you gotta go, why not go out as legend?

A portion of the article, Backcountry Bash: The Perfect Recipe For High Country Fun
By James Lawrence
Pilot Journal


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