“Flying the Husky is one of the very few things you never get tired of doing.”

If you haven’t seen the recent AOPA article on Alpine Airpark, you should definitely check it out. As you may know, Alpine is not far from our factory in Afton and we are honored to see so many Huskys in the hangers. There are 23 Huskys at Alpine Airpark!

Jack and his wife, Marion, are residents at the airpark in the summer. They have a Husky in Alpine and another one in New Zealand, where they spend the winters.

Jack is a former futures trader from Chicago and an avid pilot. He owns White Island Flights in New Zealand, where his company offers scenic flights to active volcanoes.

“Having a Husky has been a great chapter in my life,” explained Jack. “Flying a Husky is one of the very few things you don’t get tired of doing.”

When they are in Wyoming, Jack and Marion love flying to Driggs (KDIJ). “Teton Aviation is always so generous and friendly.”

Jack and Marion also thoroughly enjoy the Frank Church wilderness in Idaho. They and a group of fellow Husky owners hit the unbelievable, rugged country like a brigade, putting each Husky through its paces.

“It’s what the Husky is designed to do. An awesome experience!”

In addition to recreational flying, Jack is an active supporter of Angel Flight West, a nonprofit dedicated to helping transport people in need.

On a side note, if you are interested in learning more about Alpine Airpark, feel free to contact Marion. She’s a broker for the properties.