Aviat Aircraft made in the USA, handcrafted in beautiful wild Wyoming, the Equality State. When you own an Aviat Aircraft, you’ll notice the superior quality and the pride of craftsmanship that is built into every part of the plane. And you’ll feel it every time you take to the air.

Precision Handcraftmanship – Made in Afton, Wyoming. USA

HUSKY  |  PITTS  |  EAGLE  |  Each piece of metal and plastic, every rivet, every bolt, every nut and screw is formed, shaped, assembled and inspected by a dedicated crew of skilled individuals who strive for excellence in all they do. Every person at Aviat Aircraft posses a passion for perfection and a tenacity for teamwork that results in the world’s finest aircraft.

Every one of the thousands of steps taken to build an Aviat Aircraft is scrutinized by one of four full-time  inspectors who settle for nothing less than perfection.

There are no shortcuts to quality.

“We were attracted to the Husky for a variety of reasons including: comfort, operating economy, performance, safety, and fit and finish. Nothing else we looked at excelled in all of these areas. Our Husky is used for business trips; normally within a 500-mile radius where the travel time compares favorably to the total elapsed time using commercial airlines.“ Tim Clifford, Director, Recreational Aviation Foundation