Reasons Why the Husky is the Leader of the Pack

Starting in the back, we have made the entire rear seat removable with the pull of a few quick release pins. This in conjunction with our new quick release rear stick provides an entire aft-pilot flat storage area, allowing for a massive amount of gear and baggage. The ultimate in storage flexibility, with a no-headache, no-fuss design.

Moving to the front pilot seat, we have incorporated a fore and aft sliding seat, offering the utmost in adjustability for a wider range of pilot heights. This seat locks in place, providing a dramatically simpler rear passenger ingress and egress, all while maintaining the ergonomically executed seating angles and preserving the Husky’s built on strength and safety design philosophy.

You asked and we listened! New Husky’s are equipped with an all new trim system. The bungee system we have employed in the past has now been replaced in favor of an elevator trim tab. This system reduces trim workload and system pressures. Resulting in a more pleasing flight experience, increased control and a greater level of control stick feedback.

Our Standard VFR panels features the Garmin 796, New G5 attitude indicator and MVP-50 engine analyzer. We are now offering the newest Enhanced VFR and IFR panel from Garmin. The 10.6” G500 TXi touchscreen display in combination with a new glove box and device storage cubby. A stunning crisp display, integrated engine analytics and a GTN 750 Nav/Comm/GPS. This is the most beautiful, capable and intuitive flight deck to ever find its way into the robust Husky. Making this the most efficient backcountry machine in the world. Autopilot available, not included. The Husky is FAA CERTIFIED IFR-VFR, DAY & NIGHT.

In 2012, we introduced a revolutionary landing gear system that controls the re-bound of the bungee gear system, making landings on terrain, slopes, in cross-winds or that occasional “bounced” landing smooth and controlled. Since 2018, we expanded on that in a big way. Our new factory extended gear option moves the tires forward 2”, down 4” and 12” wider, making the aircraft more stable, provides more propeller clearance, and increases the angle of attack, leading to even more incredible takeoff performance.

The Husky is the only bush plane with shock-dampened landing gear.  The shock-dampened gear absorbs energy and diminishes bounce,  making rough backcountry landing strips smoother and much easier to fly in and out of.  This means landings, takeoffs and even ground taxiing are safer and more comfortable.

With shock-dampened landing gear,  the Husky ‘sticks’ to the ‘runway.’  No more scary bounces into the air on gusty crosswinds.

The landing gear consists of a steel truss which is very strong, rugged and reliable.  It can accommodate tires ranging all the way from 8.5” to 35″ and can be fitted with skis.

When you are flying into the backcountry, you need room for all your gear and supplies. These things must fit in the plane and within the CG envelope.

The Husky offers more storage space, easier access, easier loading, and a wider CG envelope than other planes in its class.

Some planes may look more competitive on paper, but the reality is the spaces in those planes are limited or obstructed by structures and other parts of the plane. And even if you could pack all that stuff into one of those other planes, the CG shift would make it unsafe to fly.


The Husky is designed like high-performance racing cars. It’s strategically engineered to take crash energy away from the occupant cage, thus protecting you and your passenger.

The seat structure itself is made of 4130 Chrome Molybdenum and is a whopping 6g higher than standard safety margins.

Each Husky also comes with special 16g seat cushions – one seat for the pilot and one for the passenger. These special safety seats are built to absorb enormous forces in the event a crash.

Both pilot and passenger seats include a 5-point seatbelt harnesses with an option for seatbelt airbags.

Fun fact: Husky was first general aviation airplane to have seatbelt airbags FAA certified. Safety is our top priority at Aviat. We continue to innovate and lead the industry in this area.

Both seats in the Husky are ergonomically designed and engineered to help mitigate fatigue. The angle of seat reduces pinch in legs – offering better circulation.

Pilot comfort is especially important when it’s time to land after a long flight. Your legs will feel more alive and you will be more alert.

Incidentally, the Husky is designed to fly with minimal physical effort. We like to think of it as power steering. Only 6 lbs of pressure is needed on stick. No need to strongarm the aircraft like other planes in this category. The Husky is nice and responsive.

The 60% span lift and drag-slotted, semi-fowler flaps on the Husky have 3 hinge points. This provides redundant load paths.

In fact, the whole plane is designed that way – including the fuselage, wings, ailerons, flaps, rudder, etc. Each have redundant load paths.

This means in the event of structural failure there will be redundant structures which will enable you to deal with the situation and land safely.

The Husky has no historical events of in-flight structural failure.

Backcountry flying is very physically demanding on any aircraft. The Husky is a plane you can trust.

Each Husky airframe is handcrafted using a superior arc welding process called TIG welding. This process is more time consuming and more difficult to master, but it eliminates contaminates in the weld and gives the craftsman more control over the welding process.

The net result is Husky’s entire airframe is based on stronger, higher quality welds. This includes the 4130 Chrome Molybdenum steel tube fuselage, the landing gear, the tail and the struts.

All our steel weldments are corrosion proof and entirely sealed so no contamination or oxidation can enter into them. Again, safety counts most for us and should be every pilot’s number one priority – especially when stressing the aircraft while flying in the backcountry.

Note: It’s important to mention the diameter of the Husky’s fuselage is larger than other planes’ in its class. Smaller diameter airframes tend to bend and fail more easily. Larger diameter frames are stronger.

The Husky is a very sturdy plane. Perfect for rugged environments.

The Husky offers the most diverse selection of optional equipment – much more than others in its class.

You can order your Husky with a wide variety of propellers, avionics, instruments, tires, paint colors and schemes. And you can customize it with specialized equipment such as FLIR’s, skiis, floats, towing and much more.

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