Airframes Alaska Husky Aluminium Struts
Husky+ STOL by Design

Alaska Gear Co., Aluminum Struts

Featuring a new collaboration with our friends at AK Gear Co., (formerly Airframes Alaska), Lightweight Aluminum Struts


• Strut extrusions are made from 6061 aluminum. Machined end fittings are mostly made from 6061 aluminum. Lower front strut fitting has plates of titanium and aluminum incorporated into the fork fitting.
• The struts are open ended, and the end fittings are riveted into the strut.
• The strut extrusion will be bare aluminum. The end fittings are anodized aluminum and bare titanium.
• The airfoil profile of the struts is entirely different than the original steel struts.
• Front and rear steel strut clamps are included and connect to the existing jury struts. They can be sold bare metal or painted.
• The front struts are fixed and have no strut forks. The rear struts have forks that can be adjusted.
• There are left and right struts.
• The approved model list is the following: Husky A-1, A-1A, A-1B, A-1C-180, A-1C-200.

Advantages over Steel Struts

• Major weight reduction close to the CG/Directly under the Wings.
• Weight reduction is 23” aft of the wing leading edge.
Reduces 7.2 lbs., when replacing original Husky steel struts.
• Painting is not necessary.
• Strut fittings are anodized aluminum and titanium.
• The strut itself is made up of 6061 aluminum which has excellent corrosion

Airframes Alaska Husky Aluminium Struts
Airframes Alaska Husky Aluminium Struts
Airframes Alaska Husky Aluminium Struts

ACME AERO Stinger Tailwheel

Made from 7075/6061 billet aluminum and tested to exceed the highest industry standards, the Stinger is the first and only rear suspension in the light aircraft industry with three-way adjustability for caster, camber, and height.

Unlike any other rear suspension product on the market the Stinger has the ability to set camber. If an aircraft has an off-set mount welded to its tail, the Stinger allows camber adjustments through the adjustment of heim joints. Each joint can be made longer or shorter to adjust camber side-to-side without having to cut or re-weld the mount.


• Manufactured in the USA with USA-sourced materials
• Adjustable camber and caster
• Angle of attack adjustable
• Anodized 7075/6061 construction
• Stainless steel and aluminum internal components
• Stainless steel shaft construction
• Infinite valving and spring combinations

Husky Stol+ by Design Lightweight Package

EarthX ETX900 Lithium Battery

This battery is fully protected by an integrated battery management system (BMS) that protects the cell’s from over discharge, over charge, short circuit, temperature, plus cell balancing to ensure charge levels are equal. Additionally, the ETX-Hundred-Series aircraft batteries have redundant electronic circuits and battery fault indication. The fault indicator can be connected into your EFIS or wired to a 12volt LED light on your control panel to alert you to the state of charge and state of health of the battery.

• Voltage: 13.2
Weight: 4.9lbs (Concord is 23.5lbs) = 18.6lbs savings.
• Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 400
• Peak Cranking Amps (PCA): 840
• Amp Hour (1C Rate): 15.6
• Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
• Dimensions: 6.5″ L x 3″ W x 6.6″ H

The HUSKY+ STOL by Design Lightweight Package is $16,513, call the factory for details 307-885-3151.