MT Reversible Prop Husky

Watch this amazing water demonstration of the MT Reversible Propeller system installed on the Aviat Husky.

• The MT reversible prop will offer significant improvements in float plane water handling. The MT will allow a float plane to dock and maneuver in all conditions without having to risk shutting down the engine and coasting to the dock or landing area.

• The reverse also allow the pilot to maneuver and turn around where a normal forward only prop will not. If a MT reverse float plane pilot finds himself in a risky taxi situation, he can actually back out and make another attempt where a normal plane would be totally committed.

• The reverse will offer much reduced stopping distance on water landing, ski landing and on slippery runways.

• The MT reversing prop offers the ability to start the plane in “neutral” and warm up without producing thrust which is a tremendous advantage on floats or skis and often on wheels.

• The MT reverse is much safer and allows the pilot to maneuver in areas where a normal aircraft would never operate. The test float plane turned around in a narrow channel of about 50’ where a normal plane would have to have shut down, paddle around and restart if this were even possible with wind.

Best in class performance, capability, versatility, reliability and safety.

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