Husky 180 Horse Power

The rugged, reliable Husky 180 hp A-1C was designed for people who’d rather fly a real airplane. It’s ideal for landings on grass, glaciers, river beds, rivers, meadows, roads, frozen lakes, unfrozen lakes, sand beaches, sand bars, aircraft carriers and pick-up trucks. It’s the perfect solution for serious fly fishing, for hauling medical supplies, pipeline patrol, cattle counting, fish spotting, gendarme work, backpacking, mountain leaping, safaris, photography and exciting weekend adventures of all types.


Engine Lycoming 0-360-A1P, 180 HP
Propeller Hartzell® 76: Constant Speed
Airfoil Modified Clark Y/USA 35B
Wing Span 35’6″
Length 22’7″
Wing Area 183 square feet
Gross Weight 2250 pounds
Gross Weight Floats 2250 pounds
Empty Weight 1275 pounds
Useful Load 925 pounds
Useful Load Floats 575 + or – 50 pounds
Cargo Capacity 10 cubic feet /50 pounds
Aft Stowage 9.3 cubic feet /30 pounds
Wing Loading 12.3 pounds /square foot
Fuel Capacity 52 U.S. gallons (50 gallons usable)


Top Speed 145 mph
Cruising Speed @ 75% Power 140 mph
Cruising Speed @ 55% Power 130 mph
Stall Speed with Flaps (Power Off) 53 mph
Stall Speed with Flaps (Power On) 43 mph
Landing Speed 58 mph
Flaps Extend Speed 80 mph
Takeoff Distance (Full Flaps – Land) 200 feet
Rate of Climb 1,500 feet / minute
Takeoff Distance (Floats) approx. 6 seconds
Landing Distance (Full Flaps – Land) 350 feet
Service Ceiling 20,000 feet – MSL
Fuel Consumption @ 55% Power 7.7 gallons / hour
Range @ 55% Power 800 miles