“I can go places very few others can or will go.”

If you’re on Instagram and following #aviathusky or #alaskabushflying, chances are you already know Rich Harris. His awesome pics and video capture the beautiful Alaskan wilderness and the thrill of flying into some very remote places.

In one of his posts, someone asked what he would do if he were out in the middle of nowhere and his engine didn’t start?

Rich replied nonchalantly, “I carry a SAT phone in case of emergency. I also have enough gear in the plane to stay for a few days if need be.”

We caught up to Rich for a quick interview just as he was heading to the Galapagos for vacation:

Every superhero has a backstory. What’s your secret origin story?

(Laughing). I don”t believe I have one. I guess you can say I am a typical Alaskan. I grew up in Juneau. I love the outdoors and hunting and fishing. My work consists of multiple facets of the construction and real estate development business, housing and condominium development to light commercial rentals

How did you get into flying?

I used to charter a pilot and a plane whenever I wanted to go hunting. This was years ago. One day I looked over at the pilot and asked myself what I would do if he ever had a problem. So I thought it would be a good idea to learn the basics of flying – just in case. I started my fight training and was hooked! It didn’t take long to meet some great people in the aviation world that had the same interests as I did.

I bought my Husky 9 years ago. I looked around at a bunch of different aircraft before deciding on the Husky. Support from the factory and the ability to call and get parts was key in my decision. I wanted a manufacturer that was still operational and could rely on.

How much flying do you do?

Winter flying in Southeast Alaska is limited due to weather. I fly about 120-130 hrs per year. Sometimes I will leave for a month and fly with a buddy into the backcountry, hunting and fishing along the way, there is a great feeling of accomplishment after a trip of this sort. We will each take our own plane, which allows us to live in comfort while camping out.

It’s strictly fun flying and sport flying. Occasionally I will use my Husky to look at remote properties. But mostly I use it for hunting, fishing, hiking and just getting outdoors. I love the combo of getting to fly and getting outside.